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hey! if you like MY stuff, you should DEFINITELY check out my friends' art and how they get through their days :D it's awesome!


Story commissions
I will write short stories of about less than or equal to 5 pages for $5, but more than 5 pages and up to maybe 15 it will be $10. Seems fair. anything is welcome except gore/vore and anything disgusting like that
Normal TF comic [less than 15 pages]
These are for the normal TFs that are less than or equal to ten pages 
Stand alone pictures
These are pictures that can either have a transformation happen (but only a part of it is shown) or basically anything else happening in just the one picture. I put a bit more effort into these because I want to get more experience, but at the same time they're fun and cool to do. 

note: extremely detailed ones like the one above will be $5.50 instead of $5.
Full 15 page OC Transformation comic.
A full transformation comic of an OC (that belongs to you alone!) into any fictional character you would like. (please provide a reference picture to both or it won't be done.)
MLP TF comics.
I've decided that all MLP TF comics from now will cost $10 each (or 760 points) because they're; 1: rare to find many, 2: most of the time people's OC's becoming them or people becoming the pony OC they created and 3: there seems to be a big demand for them. So although that might be a tad annoying, at least it won't cost you much.

+5 points for extra ponies involved.


Danny and ciel pt.12 by MegamanDragonoid Danny and ciel pt.12 :iconmegamandragonoid:MegamanDragonoid 2 10 Danny and Ciel pt.11 by MegamanDragonoid Danny and Ciel pt.11 :iconmegamandragonoid:MegamanDragonoid 1 0 Danny and Ciel pt.10 by MegamanDragonoid Danny and Ciel pt.10 :iconmegamandragonoid:MegamanDragonoid 1 0 Danny and Ciel pt.9 by MegamanDragonoid Danny and Ciel pt.9 :iconmegamandragonoid:MegamanDragonoid 1 0 Danny and Ciel pt.6 by MegamanDragonoid Danny and Ciel pt.6 :iconmegamandragonoid:MegamanDragonoid 1 0 Danny and Ciel pt.7 by MegamanDragonoid Danny and Ciel pt.7 :iconmegamandragonoid:MegamanDragonoid 1 0 Danny and Ciel pt.8 by MegamanDragonoid Danny and Ciel pt.8 :iconmegamandragonoid:MegamanDragonoid 1 0 Danny and Ciel pt.5 by MegamanDragonoid Danny and Ciel pt.5 :iconmegamandragonoid:MegamanDragonoid 1 0 Danny and Ciel pt.4 by MegamanDragonoid Danny and Ciel pt.4 :iconmegamandragonoid:MegamanDragonoid 1 0 Danny and Ciel pt.3 by MegamanDragonoid Danny and Ciel pt.3 :iconmegamandragonoid:MegamanDragonoid 1 0 Danny and Ciel pt.2 by MegamanDragonoid Danny and Ciel pt.2 :iconmegamandragonoid:MegamanDragonoid 1 0 Danny and Ciel pt.1 by MegamanDragonoid Danny and Ciel pt.1 :iconmegamandragonoid:MegamanDragonoid 1 0 Skye Raptor Tf by Jonesycat79 Skye Raptor Tf :iconjonesycat79:Jonesycat79 49 7 NewBorn Guine Pig by MegamanDragonoid NewBorn Guine Pig :iconmegamandragonoid:MegamanDragonoid 2 2 Latias Base by MegamanDragonoid Latias Base :iconmegamandragonoid:MegamanDragonoid 4 6 Lance Headshot  AT # 6 by Haasiophis-Sahel Lance Headshot AT # 6 :iconhaasiophis-sahel:Haasiophis-Sahel 43 7

Newest Deviations

If you LOVE Transformations, pokemon, sonic, animals and just random funny stuff, please come in and check out my stuff.
also plze give me a shout in my box down there *points down* I wont bite :D


Well, a TG that does not involve a boy becoming a girl, and also an anthro to feral TF. That is great to see, especially in this new fo...


DoctorChesterthe1st:icondoctorchesterthe1st: please consider buying this guys :D
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heeey ho :D
Sat Jun 3, 2017, 10:18 PM
Hey there! :D
Fri Jun 2, 2017, 7:07 PM
shoutbox activate :D new visitors and friends welcome to say whatever really :D
Sat May 20, 2017, 9:59 PM
Now I'm an official published author :D:D
Wed Mar 1, 2017, 4:18 AM
Remember how I asked you guys for a bit of help regarding getting something onto amazon? Welllll.... *ahem* I DID IT :D I have managed to get my first fully written/edited story 'A Tail To Remember' available as a PDF to buy on AMAZON :D:D:D
Wed Mar 1, 2017, 4:18 AM
ok thanks for that :)
Fri Feb 17, 2017, 7:12 PM
m'dude shoutboxes aren't always so active, whether you're popular or not. don't worry :0
Tue Jan 31, 2017, 2:51 PM
no-one has used the shout box :(? i guess it's true than. i'm not that important after all :(
Fri Jan 13, 2017, 7:29 AM
return of the SHOUTBOX :D use wisel :3
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be sure to send me the movie plot transcript or comic right here :):):) ----->
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Doctor Who Furry series.

Doctor Who Anthro Series

These are pictures friends have done related to my doctor who anthro series :) please check them all out :D

Doctor poster by MegamanDragonoid
Contest entry: Doctor Who Chester poster by TheIdioticalK
Fan-Art - We are here for you brother by MegamanDragonoid
Attack on Christmas Pg 1 by Joltink
Attack on Christmas Pg 3 by Joltink
Attack on Christmas Pg 4 by Joltink
Attack on Christmas Pg 5 by Joltink
Attack on Christmas Pg 6 by Joltink



JPM's Elephant encounter (end?) by paulasocar JPM's Elephant encounter (end?) :iconpaulasocar:paulasocar 19 16 JPM's Elephant encounter p.6 by paulasocar JPM's Elephant encounter p.6 :iconpaulasocar:paulasocar 22 9 JPM's Elephant encounter p.5 by paulasocar JPM's Elephant encounter p.5 :iconpaulasocar:paulasocar 23 12 JPM's Elephant encounter p.4 by paulasocar JPM's Elephant encounter p.4 :iconpaulasocar:paulasocar 27 10 JPM's Elephant encounter p.2 by paulasocar JPM's Elephant encounter p.2 :iconpaulasocar:paulasocar 20 6 JPM's Elephant encounter p.3 by paulasocar JPM's Elephant encounter p.3 :iconpaulasocar:paulasocar 24 12 JPM's Elephant encounter p.1 by paulasocar JPM's Elephant encounter p.1 :iconpaulasocar:paulasocar 23 9

my fav emoticons and things :D

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I :heart::iconkarkatplz: :iconnepetaplz: :iconvriskaplz:
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there are more but I can't fill it up I've got so many ^^

stamps time ^^'.
Friends by muslma are AWESOME ^^'.
Proud2BADoctor Who Freak Stamp by andy-pants till the end of time ;)
I :heart: MLP Rainbow Dash Stamp 3 by Kevfin forever ^^'.
MLP Princess Luna Stamp 3 by Kevfin looks so beautiful too :heart:
I now love AppleJack by Marlenesstamps more than anything!
TAKE ME TO Aperture Science Stamp by portal-club!
More than TFs by Firework154 I also do stories and try to vary to other things too :)



The Temple.

Written by Justin T. Hunt

What I'm about to tell you actually happened. It's a true event which happened to my mother when I was about 8 years old. Since I wasn't with mum when it happened I only have her word to go off of, however she is never the sort of person to lie about something serious.
Before I begin, I want to point out that as a young child, I got the chance to go over seas to other countries a few times. Not that we were rich or anything, but my mother was just the sort of person who could find bargains for anything, even vacations. So any time we went over seas to other countries, we had to make sure we kept a good eye on what we spent.
My mother is very much an explorer and, at the time, I was too. I still am fascinated with exploring new places and learning new things, but since everywhere in the world is expensive... I think I'll pass on exploring just for now.

This particular event happened when we arrived at Bali. Bear in mind this was about 3 months after the Bali bombings and security was still fairly high. We were only there for the day and night as Bali was just a stop over point and, apparently, it would be another full 24 hours before we could get the next plane for the rest of our journey.
We decided to explore the sights of some of Bali's culture and got into a taxi to take us to specific places. I vaguely remember that there were some streets we went down that were filled with very poor people, trying to ask for food from us whenever we stopped at traffic lights. As a young child, you might imagine, this scared the living daylights out of me. Of course, my slightly older sister, who I believe was almost 10 at the time, told me the situation and calmed me down. I was thankful for that. Mum helped too of course, but my now ex-dad didn't seem worried.

We went to different places around Bali, most of which I don't remember very well, but what I do remember is that we were all having a good time. It wasn't until we came across a monkey sanctuary that things got... bizarre.

My mother was very interested in the temples there and wanted to walk up the incredibly steep stairs on the sides to see what was inside one of them. And since there was no sign to say private property or keep out, she told my dad her intentions and asked him to take care of us, since we were probably too young to make the climb by ourselves. These stairs up the side of the temple were much steeper than the sort you might see on the front of a Hollywood Aztec temple according to my mother.

As she walked up the steep stairs, she was surprised when she found she was joined by an Asian man, another tourist, who also was going up the stairs to explore the insides of the temple. The man gave my mother a kind nod as the two continued upwards until they reached the entrance to the temple. From what my mum has told me, the entrance was a bit crumbly and dusty, since it hadn't been used for a long time. However, there was something which she noticed almost immediately. The smell. There was a distinct bad smell coming from within the temple. Of course, since this was a monkey sanctuary, my mother and this Asian man figured it was most likely something caused by the monkeys. My mother hasn't been incredibly detailed on how the inside of the temple looked, but from what I did get from her was that going in was like going into a cave, particularly later on. Since neither my mother nor this man had any idea how far the tunnel would go, they both had their mobile phones on to try and give off light for their path.

The further they went in, the worse the smell got. It was getting so bad, so putrid, that my mother was starting to suspect it was worse than just monkey defecation. Eventually the smell was so terrible that the Asian man was forced to leave. Somehow, however, my mother was able to keep going further. She told me that she was forced to get down on her hands and knees at a point in the tunnel as it got smaller at this point, but still able for humans to get through.
However, it wasn't long before my mother noticed something on the walls of the tunnel.
Trails of blood and scratches marked the sides of the wall. It was strange, my mother has told me, that she could remember noticing the blood was very recent. As if perhaps someone was dragged through there in the past 24 hours or so. My mother, for some reason, kept going on. The tunnel was going down deeper and it was darker and more putrid than before. She even found it hard to see with the light of her mobile.

But then, she saw it. about 2 meters in front of her, on the ground, was a severed hand. And to her horror, it was a severed hand that was still bleeding, according to what she told me.
She gave a shriek and struggled backwards as fast as she could, turning around properly for a real run when the tunnel was tall enough. She wasn't sure how she managed it, and I can definitely prove she did this as I saw it and so did my dad, my sister and at least seven other people, but my mother had somehow managed to run out of the temple entrance and down those steep stairs back to us before the Asian man had managed to even get half way. She had literally outran this tourist because of what she had seen.

After she had told my dad what had happened, they both decided to inform the police. This was, naturally, a difficult process as the Balinese Police barely knew English at the time. However they assured my mother that the issue would be looked into and that she needn't worry about it anymore.

As you may imagine, this event was quite scary for my mother, but she still is an exploring type woman to this day. Just don't ask her to go into any temples anytime soon.
The Temple
So here's a short story i decided to do, and for a change, it's 100 % true!
yes, this actually happened to my mother when we went to Bali, and she still to this day doesn't know much about the situation regarding what she saw.
but I am thankful no vengeful spirits or bloodthirsty monkeys are after us. thank goodness for reality ^^.
i feel much better now guys. much much better. thank you all for the support. sorry about earlier... had a very... VERY bad beginning to my day and it felt like things were just getting worse but now it's much better and i'm happy again. thank you all!
in a dark place having a bad day and feeling completely unloved right now :(
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Doctor chester 1st ep voting again! new transformation additions! Let's see what wins! choose wisely :D 

5 deviants said Mobian style character
4 deviants said Koopa traits
4 deviants said Animal crossing style character
3 deviants said Metroid [TG into Metroid type character]
3 deviants said Pikmin
2 deviants said Lego-ization
2 deviants said creeper traits [aka minecraft creeper]
1 deviant said Bandicoot Traits
1 deviant said Radioactive mutation traits [fallout style]
No deviants said Robotification [Portal style]


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